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All about the pile

Much like Nurdy Movies, this site is one of the family of sites, and the second to use a second to use a hilarious and catchy domain name instead of just being a sub-domain off of the main site.

You might look upon my prior works on the web and assume (rightly so) that I have owned this domain for quite some time, just waiting for the right time to actually put a site on it and unveil it, all the while tittering like a young school girl at the extreme cleverness of the domain name in general.

You would be partly right; I did indeed titter like a young school girl when I conceived of the idea to obtain the domain. However at the time it was merely so that I could have clever email addresses at Imagine the incredibly glee of sending an email to someone and asking them to respond to! *titter* *titter* *guffaw*

As would usually be the case however, I got lazy and decided that I get more than enough spam as it is, and so I’ve left email turned off to this domain (to the dismay of the idiot spammers who will soon be shuffling mail off to the government) and left the domain parked, as is, just because.

Where did I get the idea for the domain? Of all places, from an email at work, wherein some software was referred to as a ruinous pile of crap during an attempt to get us to make our software do something mind bogglingly stupid.

As funny things will, the joke refused to die and we referred to various things as ruinous piles of crap for quite some time until the fateful day that I had to pay for the renewal of my main domain and decided that I should have a special domain just for movies. Not, of course, that this domain is being used for my movies of course (that would be the afore mentioned Nurdy Movies site) but if you’re going to register one extra domain, why not two?

Why not indeed.

Anyway fast forward, fast forward, skip ahead, and I decided that I would use the domain to host a guitar related site. It turns out that my wife has imposed a limit of just one unused domain name allowable at any one time, and you never know when the next high-larious joke is going to come along, so I thought I better get cracking on this site so that I will be prepared for the day that it happens.

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