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This section of the page contains photos and descriptions of my various gear; just select something from the menu on the left or the list of items below to enjoy the gear-y goodness!

In each page you can click on the thumbnail images to get a larger view of the images as well as browse through all images on that page.

Some gear appears in more than one category if it happens to fulfill more than one purpose. One such example is that one of my Amps also has a built in tuner. I’m sure there are some other examples, but I can’t think of what they are at the moment.

Mimicking the menu on the left, but with slightly more style, grace and verbiage, the available gear categories are:

  • Guitars allows you to see images and text of my guitars. Yes, guitars plural! I have helpfully listed the guitars in order of acquisition because that’s as good a system as any.

  • Amps tells you all about amplifiers that I have. Not just guitar amplifiers mind you, just things that amplify in general. Come to think of it, a different section for different amplifiers would have been a good idea.

  • Pedals highlights all of the guitar pedals that I currently own for the purposes of whatever those pedals happen to do.

  • Tuners is a boatload of information on the various guitar tuners that I have. Yes, sadly I have more than one (or five).

  • Accessories showcases all of the various and sundry accessories that I use for and with my guitars and (and or) other gear.

  • Keyboards is just what it sounds like, which is pretty odd considering that I’m a guitarist.

  • Microphones are something that even guitarists use, so I totally have a couple of them for using.

  • Other is a category for other things that aren’t outlined above. After I created the page I realized that accessories are really the “others”, but I’d already created the page so I figured that I’d just throw some stuff in there and hope for the best.

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