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Simon & Patrick Woodland Spruce

Simon & Patrick Woodland Spruce This is the first guitar that I ever bought, a Simon & Patrick Woodland Spruce steel string acoustic.

When I decided that I wanted to learn how to play guitar (an ambition I have had for quite some time) I did a lot of research into playing, what to expect, gear and so on. Then I went to the Guitar store (Long & McQuade) and looked at all of the guitars with a price that I was willing to pay.

My wife was also along and decided that there was a price that I was willing to pay as well as a price that it would be worth it to pay (the latter being larger than the former), and so I ended up with this guitar.

This guitar features a solid Spruce top, laminate Cherry back and sides and a Rosewood fingerboard and bridge.

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Gibson ES-125 Archtop

Gibson ES-125 Archtop This is my second guitar, a Gibson ES-125 Acoustic-Electric Archtop, which was an unexpected and exceedingly generous gift from my Mother-in-law.

The ES-125 model number is visible inside the guitar, but I gather that in the days of this guitar the serial number was affixed as a sticker or a stamp instead of being engraved into the headstock. As such we don’t know what year exactly that this was made.

Based on the P-90 pickup installed and the fretboard inlays, the best guess is that this was from around the 1950’s or so.

Some repairs were needed; the nut needed to be replaced to fix a problem with the first string being too close to the edge of the fretboard, some of the frets were loose and the tuning peg knobs were made of a plastic so old that one of them turned to dust in my hand while tuning.

All repairs were done with reproductions of the original hardware, and the pickup and other wiring checked out perfectly.

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Epiphone SG-400 Les Paul Custom

Epiphone SG-400 Les Paul Custom This is my third guitar, an Epiphone SG-400 Les Paul Custom, purchased with an unexpected bonus from work.

This guitar features a mahogany body, set neck, 3 alnico humbucker pickups and gold plated hardware. There is a single tone knob, an individual volume knob for each pickup, and a 3 position pickup selector (bridge-middle, all three, neck-middle). There is also a small white plate at the end of the 22 fret neck that bears a replica of Les Paul’s signature.

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Martin DCPA4 (Dreadnought Cutaway Performing Artist 4)

Martin DCPA4 (Dreadnought Cutaway Performing Artist 4) This is my fourth guitar, a C.F. Martin and Company DCPA4, purchased primarily with pocket change saved over a two year period, although there were also small infusions of cash here an there as well.

This guitar has a solid Spruce top, solid Sapele back and sides and including a Fishman F1 Analog system with integrated tuner for connecting up to an Amp or to the computer for recording. There is also a cutaway to make playing things higher up on the neck easier.

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