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Line 6 KB37

Line 6 KB37 The Line 6 KB37 is a midi keyboard, midi controller and sound interface all in one package.

I got this for primarily two reasons:

  1. It has a dual input sound interface with ASIO drivers allowing recording of instruments and vocals easily
  2. The keyboard is useful for inputting simple melody lines, drum patters, etc.

The keyboard is a 3 octave 37 key keyboard with a modulation wheel, a pitch wheel and controls for which range of a full sized keyboard is available (i.e. which 3 octaves it plays).

There are also 2 XLR microphone inputs, a ¼" TRS instrument input, a line in and monitor input and headphone, monitor and digital outputs. Note that even though there are multiple inputs, only two of them can be used at any one time.

The KB37 also includes dedicated transport controls, 4 knobs and buttons to be assigned to whatever feature you want in your DAW, and two VU meters to monitor either input or output levels.

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