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Gear – Microphones

Apex 381 Dynamic Hyper-Cardioid Neodymium

Apex 381 Dynamic Hyper-Cardioid Neodymium I got this microphone to use with my Line 6 Micro Spider since it has a microphone input right on it.

However this did not work overly well as the trim knob needed to be cranked up to 10 in order to get any input and by that point the noise floor is so high you’re pretty much just getting static.

Back to the drawing board on that, I decided that I also wanted a proper sound interface with the computer and eventually settled on the Line 6 KB37 for my needs, having the required inputs, pretty decent specifications and some MIDI controls to boot.

This worked better, however some (to me) deceptive advertising made it sound as if the KB37 had mic preamps built in (i.e. it mentioned having 2 mic preamp inputs). It turns out that what this means is that you’re welcome to connect your mic preamps to those inputs should you want something like that to occur.

To be fair the mic still works fairly well without a pre-amp, though like the Micro Spider you need to dime out the trim knob. However UNLIIKE the Micro Spider you get a decent signal and not a bunch of static because it’s got a way lower noise floor.

Still, to fully combat the problem I ended up picking up an Art TubeMP microphone/instrument preamp, and all of my problems are now a thing of the past.

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Peterson TP-2 Contact Mic

Peterson TP-2 Contact Mic I got this contact mic specifically for use with my electronic tuners so that I could tune my guitar without requiring absolute silence in the room.

This was pretty cheap (< $20 including shipping) but it works amazingly well and makes tuning a snap.

I have also played with using this in combination with the Apex to record an acoustic guitar and then blending the signals together somewhat, which produces a somewhat richer tone (to my ears).

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