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Boss RC-2 Loop Station

Boss RC-2 Loop Station My first pedal was an RC-2 Loop Station, which I picked up when I bought the SG-400.

This pedal includes over 30 different drum patterns for you to use while playing or practicing and the ability to record and overdub multiple layers of playing, allowing you to be rhythm and lead all at once.

This can run off of a 9V battery or an adapter, but I’ve found that the battery goes dead very quickly and the adapter is more reliable. There is also no explicit on-off switch; instead the pedal is turned on whenever something is connected to it’s output jack.

One “problem” with this pedal (which technically I face but it doesn’t bother me) is that it sends all of it’s output to the amp, so if you use your amp for effects, either all parts of the loop get the effect or none do. This would be solved by actually purchasing external pedals, but it doesn’t bother me personally enough to bother.

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