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It's not just bad. It's Ruinous!

ru·in·ous   [roo-uh-nuh s]

  1. bringing or tending to bring ruin; destructive; disastrous; a ruinous war.
  2. fallen into ruin; dilapidated; a ruinous house.
  3. consisting of ruins; a ruinous city from antiquity.

Anyone at all familiar with my work on the other Nurdz websites can attest to the fact that all of the above definitions for ruinous totally jive with every website and online project my fingers tend to touch (you know, through the tenuous connection of my keyboard and a USB connection). And that’s not even the reason I ended up with this domain!

In any case, since I have the domain, reputation and a guitar, I figured “Why not make into my guitar site?”.

The Nurdy Movies website contains guitar videos (in fact, all videos seen here are also seen there, because that’s where they come from; not only am I ruinous, I’m also lazy. Lazily ruinous!), but this site can be more guitar (and music) related than that one. At least, that’s the theory.

Moving ever onward in the search for pointing out the tediously obvious, the site contains the following sections for you to peruse in any order and/or at your leisure:

  • About tells you all about this particular site, including the amazingly incredible story of how I ended up with such a ridiculously awesome domain name.

  • License uses fairly simple english to explain your rights to take my audio and video content and do other stuff with it, should you become concussed or otherwise take leave of your good senses.

  • Tools contains some guitar and/or general music related tools I may or may not eventually create.

  • Theory contains articles I may or may not eventually write that explain my tenuous grasp on music theory, with the idea being that the best way to make sure you’ve learned something is to try to explain it to others.

  • Videos contains various videos of a guitar and/or music nature that I may or may not eventually create. At the very least you can view all of the videos available at Nurdy Movies, since those are already created.

  • Gear is the part of the page dedicated to the various and sundry gear items that I am currently in possession of and which I may or may not use in some way (possibly even skilled but more likely not) in the creation of something which could be approximated to music.

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