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Guitar Videos

Here you can view a variety of different videos of a guitar related nature. The menu on the left lists all of the categories of movies that are available.

Note: Due to laziness on my part, the links here actually do nothing. However, if you go to Nurdy Movies and click on the guitar link you can actually see the videos. I’m still working on a simple method to link the two sites together.

  • Blog contains videos from an old defunct guitar blog idea I had, which may get resurrected soon, or left to languish forever.

  • Shorts are Guitar Shorts; videos in which some concept is quickly explained without a lot of other unnecessary boringness.

  • Songs are videos that present a song played through, in a way almost but not quite entirely unpleasing to the ear.

  • Gear are videos relating to gear, such as explanations or reviews or things of that nature.

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